Thursday, August 23, 2007

some life photos to celebrate post number 100

My brother, myself, my cousin.

The Aquino brothers.
Jessica pinning on Beto's badge

patrick and I in a motivational poster.

The birthplace of Abraham in Iraq - 2003

my mother and her mother - 2005

my good buddy pat.

me and beto at spring training - 2007

Our Grandfather - 2005

Jessica, Myself, Cousin Jay, Lerian - Xmas 2005

Sitting in a restaurant in Baltimore before deployment with Kit, Bake, and Smokey Joe. - 2003

Re-enlisting with Sgt Skipper, Montes is Flag Bearer. - 2001

Jay and Lerian - 2006

Marcus, Henry, my two boys, me, and Krista - Xmas 2005

Wife and I - 2007

Iraq - November 2003

Opie and Nicole at their wedding - 2007

Jessica and myself - New Years 05/06

The Chad and myself - 2005

Jessie and Vivian - 2007

Me in my blues - 2006

This is way back in 1998 in Bahrain.

Here's my brother with lots of weed in a mayo jar. He likes smoking weed. circa 2005

Me and the in law way Junior back around 1997

Junior and I 2006.

What a Surprise

Last night I was busily entertaining myself with the Nintendo Wii that my nephew bought and brought home. My arms and shoulders hurt from hours of Tennis, golf, bowling, and baseball. The night of Wii was stopped short when my door bell rang at about 9 p.m.

I opened the door, and was shocked to see the person standing there. It was my little buddy Tobin. Tobin had been in Korea for the past year and is on his way to Spangdalehm Germany for his next duty station. He actually came to town just to pick up his car out of storage and have it shipped overseas. He told me that he'd heard I was medically retired and since he was in town, he wanted to visit. That was awesome, so I had to buy beer and get fucked up with my little homie.

Here'e the thing about Tobin, he has a great deadpan humor, and a positive outlook on damn near everything in life......... and he has one hell of a stutter. It's his F's for the most part. When he's drinking it almost disappears, but I know he struggles during the day with it. But once again, he's so damned positive that he can have fun with the impediment.

I remember right before one deployment he and I were looking at our training schedule for the Basic Combat Convoy Course in Texas. He was looking at week 3 when he stops and says, "Sergeant Aquino, do you see wwwhhheeeek 3?" I looked and said, "yeah, why?" Tobins reply, "It's communications, I'm f-f-f-f-f-f-f-ucked."

Then when we were actually in Texas, he was my "battle buddy". Well, we were doing Pre Combat Checks on equipment and he had forgotten something in his billet, that ='s bad things. So we had to run a mile plus back to his billet, then run it back, all in full gear which included body armor and ruck sack. Then when we got back, we started getting our asses handed to us by our platoon sergeant. Our platoon sergeant stops for a second and looks at Tobin and asks, "So what's your fucking excuse?" Tobin just looks at him and goes, "uuuhhhh, uuuhhhh". I jumped in and started to explain that he had forgotten the one piece of equipment and that we double timed back to make formation in time. The platoon sergeant tells me to shut up because he didn't ask me, and then asks Tobin, "Why don't you just answer the question, is it that hard?" Tobins answer, "Because I-I-I-I hhhave aaaaaa speech impediment." There were no more questions after that.

Still one of the best people I've ever met. Air Force Vehicle Operators are the greatest.

I miss my friends.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

very creepy, disturbing children's cartoon, banned from TV

Here's another really weird one.

My God Given Right

Yup, I said God, and if you don't like it then just shut your hole and stop reading. You see, I believe that the greatest right we have is freedom of speech. So, I should be free to say God when I want, I should be able to say "Merry Christmas", and "Happy Easter". I don't think that our society should be hell bent on making everything politically correct to the extreme that it has. In the majority of schools now a days you must say "Happy Holidays" to denote the christmas season. What the fuck? 90% of the American public is celebrating Christmas, and if somebody doesn't celebrate Christmas then they can say "Kwanzaa" or "Channukah". But we know what's going on, somebody in the world was offended by Christmas and didn't want their children exposed to it. Well, what if I'm offended at your atheist views on holidays? Can I have your kid expelled for it? Maybe I think that your views are un-doing the work I've done with my child, and that it's wrong for you to think the way you do.

But I won't, because I think everybody has the right to say what they please when they become an adult.

Do I think my kids should go around swearing? Hell no, because they're children and they don't have that right in my house. But when they're 18 and out of the house, they can say anything that they want.

Which takes me to my next gripe about free speech infringement. The firing of on air personalities for the things that they say. Imus got fired, JV and Elvis of the Doghouse got fired, and Anthony and Opie got fired. That's a load of bullshit. These people were hired by radio stations to express their opinions, and shock people, whether the public finds it right or wrong. They have drawn listeners and advertising dollars for the shows that they put on. But the moment somebody says "I'm offended" they get the chop and are villified as commiting some sort of treason. Where the hell were these people during the months, or possibly even years, before the offensive term was used. Probably listening and laughing at what was said about somebody else. I guess free speech is fine as long as it doesn't hurt anybody's feelings.

I put my ideas, feelings, and expressions here. It's away from public scrutiny for the most part and people that don't want to hear what I am saying need not read what I write. The same can be done with any other media. If you don't like the things being said, turn the dial - don't watch that movie - don't watch that particular TV show, but do not use somebody's ideas as a scapegoat to unleash your anger.

I guess I can give this little example here. There was a young man that I was talking to in an airport once. I was still active duty military, but I was in civilian clothes. The conversation turned toward the "war on terror". He said "What do you think of it?" I told him that I don't have any good feelings toward it, but I'll do the job I was assigned to do. His face twisted up and he asked if I was in the military. I told him I was. He started on a rant about how I was a mindless robot and that everything I did will only result in hurting innocent people, and that only stupid people ever join the service. I let him go on and when he was done, I argued my point. I explained that I had joined for my own reasons, not the same ones as everybody else, but my own that he had no idea what they were. I explained that I took pride in the job that I do, no matter where it is or what it is. And when I finished I also took the time to tell this young man that even though his ideas irritated me, that it was his right to have them, and that when it comes down to it, my job was to protect that right.

Freedom of speech is our right. I don't believe in the Bill O'Reilly's ideas nor do I like the NAACP, or LULAC's stances on issues most of the time, but I do support the fact that these organizations have a right to express themselves vocally . What I don't like is these same organizations using that right to infringe on the rights of others. Just because an organization or individual says something is wrong doesn't mean that it is to everybody, and vice versa. Our country needs to live up to the freedoms that have been guaranteed.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

48 short hours ago.......

I was in the emergency room. As stated before, I have stomach issues. On this night, my stomach lurched really hard, and pain shot through my abdomen. I went to the bathroom --- but I didn't poop. I just bled. Horrible, horrible blood. And then I got woozy.

My neighbor, who happens to be a nurse, came over to check on me and told me I had to go to the E.R. right away because she said I might have something called "c-diff" (whatever the hell that is). So I did.

I got there, head still spinning from that light headed feeling of blood loss. And then it became interesting.

The nurse at the window checked me in and said I'd have a bed soon. Then I felt the dookie urge. She immediately told me to use the office rest room so that the doctor could look at the mess I leave in the bowl.

After I shot poop and blood out of my asshole for a second time, I had a bed waiting. I sat with all the good monitoring equipment strapped to me for about an hour. Then the doctor shows up.

I gave him the same answers I've always given the docs in the past, and he agreed that I probably have IBS and not some death causing disease. Then he said even though I've been scoped and prodded in the past, that he'd have to do a rectal exam to check for anything, including hemmorhoids.

My reply to that was, "I should think that there's a hemmorhoid now after shitting blood for the last two hours. I really don't think you have to ass rape me." But he insisted.

So there I am rolled over on one side, holding on for that horrible feeling of violation. I feel his hands spread my buttcheeks and I try my best not to involuntarily clench up, and then I hear it.

"Whoah, that's a huge hemmorhoid!!! Well, I guess I won't put my finger in your butt after all."

I wish that I had exploded with shit and blood at that very moment.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

I remember Greg

I've had a few friends named Greg. And they've all been pretty good folks. But I'll never forget one Greg in particular. He wasn't my friend, but an airman that served under me.

This fella was odd to say the least. He used to drive around playing talk radio at full blast while bobbing his head. At the club, he made it a point to try and hook up with the largest female there. His theory was that he'd get action no matter what because he didn't hold high standards.

One morning (since I was the NCO in charge for the beginning of the duty day) Greg was assigned to show up at 0500 along with me. I have always been a stickler for punctuality. I don't like anybody being late, and habitual tardiness drives me up the wall. Well, at 0520 he still wasn't there and I was about to come unglued when he walks through the door. Greg had never been late before, so I figured I'd let him have one shot at giving me a good excuse.

I asked what was going on that he was arriving 20 minutes late. He looked at me and asked, "Can I tell you the honest truth?" I told him to go ahead and his response was, "I was masturbating, I didn't think it would take that long, but do you ever start and say to yourself 'I just have to finish or it's going to bother me all day'".

It was the best excuse ever.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Who to hang out with?

I've been thinking this over and over in my head. It seems like the masses of people like to ask each other this on going question, "if you could hang out with somebody, who would it be?" Everyone seems to want to hang out with some big star, athlete, or musician.


I believe that the types of people listed above are the paid circus monkeys of this society. They are there to entertain us. As long as my favorite group is making good music, I'm happy. If movies are being made that are entertaining, then I'm fine. Of course I'll cheer for Barry whenever he's at the plate, he's a Giant, and that's my team. But I don't want to personally know them.

Here's my reason. They're probably assholes. If you've supported these famous folks your whole life and then you meet them, what if they let you down. I don't know about you, but that would fucking crush me. Everybody says Barry Bonds is a dick, fine, I don't want to meet him and kick it with him, I just want him to keep hitting home runs for my amusement.

My brother watched a DVD of Andre Nickatina (one of our favorite rappers) and directly afterwards he couldn't bring himself to listen to one of his cd's for months.


Because he sounded like a fucking idiot on that DVD. It destroyed my brothers concept of who this dude was. Where he's very understandable in his music and witty with his ryhmes, he sounded functionally retarted on video when just talking. The same thing happened for me when I watched a Brotha Lynch Hung DVD, luckily Lynch had enough sense to have a saving grace with a shot of a woman with huge titties going topless.

I don't like everybody I meet, and very few people are that close to me that I'd want to hang out with them. With that said, I wouldn't want to hang with celebrity by choice.

I want to hang out with guys from my old Air Force unit. I want to kick it with my brother and my cousin. I want to hang with The Chad, and drink and smoke bud with him. I want to lay around and chill with my wife and family. I want to be around people I enjoy and who care about me, not some dude that makes millions more than me and doesn't know me from the next stalker looking to steal his baby and masturbate in his vegetable crisper.

Unless he wants to give me money. Until then, paid circus monkeys, ENTERTAIN ME!!!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I want a parrot

My brother lives with some people that actually own a parrot. Apparently the parrot does not talk, but it does mimick the phone ringing and that pisses everybody off. This parrot also does not live in a cage, it justs lounges around the house shitting on whatever it wants.

I was talking to my brother on the phone a while back, and he said he was doing homework (he goes to college). I kept hearing a phone in the background and I told him I'd hold while he answered it. His reply -- "that's just that fucking bird". He went on to explain about the parrot, it's abilities (and inabilities) and pretty much how he hated it. He told me that it was walking around on the table he was doing his homework on, and knocking shit over.

Then I hear this.

"You little fucker!!!" "BAACAAAWW!!!"

I asked, "dude, what was that?"

He told me "It bit me so I punched it. I hate that fucking bird, you hear me bird, I hate you."

Needless to say, I now want a parrot. I want it to go places with me, sitting on my shoulder until we reach our destination at which time I will let him roam freely, being obnoxious and pissing random people off. I want him to do impressions of foghorns or that really annoying chick from "The Nanny", maybe even belch his ABC's. So cool. And if he ever pissed me off, well, it sounds like they can take a punch.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Guess who's got a hernia?

This guy right here does. I went in to the doctor so that he could check on my abdominal pains caused by my "angry poop disorder" and he discovered it.

So there I am on the table and he's pushing on my belly asking about if it's tender "here, here, what about here", and then all of a sudden he sticks his finger in my belly button and pushes pretty fuckin' hard.

I screamed from pain, and yelled "holy son of a bitch, what the hell did you do that for?" He looked directly at me and asks, "did you know you had a hernia?"


Then he tells me, "do you see how in your naval there's some of it that seems to be pushing out? Well, that's an umbilical hernia. I just pushed it back in some, do you want me to push it in all the way?"

"Hell no, I don't want you pushing it in anymore. That God damn thing hurt." He explained that I could live with it with no problems if it stayed how it is right now, but if it ever got worse I should go in and have somebody shove there finger in my belly hole and make me scream.

I wonder if after I left he sniffed his finger?
not me pictured, but an idea of a minor umbilical hernia