Wednesday, September 26, 2007

no real internet sucks

3 weeks now. I can't hear new music, god knows what e-mails i've missed, and worse yet, no new porn. I'm tired of thinking of new smut in my mind, i just want to watch and tug my root, i don't want an extra step, i.e. "thinking". fuck it

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

it's been 1 year

well, it's been one year today that I was released from active duty and I still miss it. I just want to say thanks to my family and friends that have helped me deal with what I feel is one of the biggest losses I've ever dealt with. Thank you all.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

best story to go with the accident

So my brother had just woken up from surgery and was told that he was lucky because the propeller blade had missed his femoral artery by about 1/8th of an inch, and had missed all his major internal organs that had spilled out of his belly from the ghetto cesarian by about the same amount.

There were probably 10 people in the room, including friends, family, and his church pastor, when another doctor came in and told everyone to make way, and clear some space. My brother had the neck collar on still, so he could only move his head left and right, but couldn't look down to see everybody standing at the foot of the bed. Most of the visitors just moved to the edges of the room, but didn't leave. Thinking most everybody had left except for his friend that was standing to the left of his head, my brother let out a sigh of relief, looked right at his friend, and said in regular conversational tone (not a whisper) ---- "Dude, thank god I still have my dick".

A few people laughed under their breath, and my brother looked at his friend again and said, "They're not gone are they?"

Friday, September 7, 2007

so here they are, the reason I was gone to Sac

OK, so my brother got in a horrible boating accident on the Sacramento river down by Old Sacramento. His shorts got caught in a propeller and he was pulled under the water, partially drowned, and got chopped up at the same time. His stomach was cut open and his intestines had spilled out, but amazingly, none of his internal organs were hurt, he basically ended up with a ghetto syle ceserian section, and the docs were able to put him back together. Hell of a situation right there. So here are some pics from my quick emergency visit back home.

and here's a couple of family pics as well:

Thursday, September 6, 2007

I'm not dead but my internet is

i've been back home in CA for a family emergency and when i got home my internet was turned off so i'm typing on the wii. pretty fuckin ghetto