Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Single Out on Myspace

Wow! That's all I could say this afternoon when I logged on to my MySpace account and found a message from the site management telling me that they had removed some of my pictures. It stated that they were not in keeping with MySpace rules or standards. Then I reviewed my pictures wondering what pics they could be.

They were shots of my brothers wounds that I have posted here on this blog and on my photoblog site. You all have probably seen them, the really bad gashes across his belly and legs. But I edited them to only show the wound itself, no extra skin in the picture if you get my meaning.

What I don't understand is what is truly offensive about the pics. As I peruse the MySpace universe I see picture after picture of sexually suggestive teenage girl, goth kids talking about cutting themselves, explicit music, and other such things.

So what's so bad about my pictures? The world may never know.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Porn star getting canned for racial obscenity?

Jennica St. Foxx is on the chopping block because she said, quote "Stuff my filthy cunt with your huge nigger cock". In-fucking-credible. This goofy white bitch is going to lose her cock gargling career for yelling this dumb shit while getting banged out.

And just for a kicker, the company that makes her films is called "Elegant Entertainment". Seriously.

People are making a huge deal out of this, saying that it's horribly demeaning, and that she should be boycotted. Wow, where are our morals going?

So what we as society are saying is that you can tell someone to treat you like a whore, take on 10 dudes at a time, swallow cum, get recorded while a 12 inch cock is rammed in you and turning your pussy inside out, then that's alright ----- but if you yell a racial obscenity while this is happening, then goddammit, it's just not appropriate for our moral standards here in this country. Seriously, let's look at the actual problem. SHE GETS FUCKED IN THE ASS FOR A LIVING!!! But the concern isn't the fact that millions of people around the world (including most of us) watch her getting fucked, but the fact she yelled foul shit while it happened. I'm confused. There are plenty of smut movies that play off of shit like that. How many of us have watched some shit called "Border Jumpin Bitches 2" about Mexican broads, or "Slanted Slits take on Big Ol' Dicks" for Asian chicks. It's a double standard. If you don't like what she said, don't watch her movies. But be sure and take note of every other racial stereotype that gets played out without anybody batting an eye (but squints 'em tight) while jacking off.

And just for clarity, I usually watch my porn on mute anyways so my wife doesn't wake up.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Why didn't I get to experience it?

Wandering the wonderful world of Wikipedia (say that 3 times fast) I ran across a list of now defunct amusement parks. I had actually been to 4 of them, but I was crushed when I realized that the most interesting one I had never made it to, nor ever will. No shit, that picture above is a waterslide with a loop in it. WTF!!!

Folks, if any of you reading this have ever gone to Action Park in New Jersey (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Action_Park), please tell me your stories of gruesome injuries on poorly designed rides combined with excessive alcohol consumption. All the parks I've ever been too were fun, but never at the great human comedy of others being mamed, injured or killed.

After reading this article about Action Park, all I could picture in my head was a real life version of Itchy and Scratchy park from the Simpsons. Because of this I feel it's my god given duty to share this incredible find with the world and insist that some looney, Asian billionaire rebuild this park in an unregulated third world country. Please, hear this cry, and find me tiny Asian billionaire and fulfill what you were put here to do --- Rebuild "Traction Park".