Wednesday, April 23, 2008

This time in Vegas

Fuckin sucked. It was for her friends wedding (which was actually really nice) and I don't ever want to go to Vegas with a huge crowd again. My wife had me go all over the fucking place with a bunch of people I didn't know, and really didn't give a damn if I got to know them. I'd of been perfectly happy to hang with the few couples I did know and just gamble and eat and drink, but no, she pulled the ultimate in cardinal sins on me. She drug me to clubs inside of casinos. I hate club crowds. I get sweaty, anxious, nervous, and I want to lash out at the next fuck head that checks me. It's just way too many people in a small area, and I do not deal well with it. Casinos themselves I can deal with, because even if it's crowded, there's usually space to manuver around. That felt good, to vent that out.

It wasn't all bad, so I guess I can take back that first comment, it only kind of sucked that one night.

I ate a lot, and I loooooooove to eat!!! We did the buffets at both the Hilton and at Planet Hollywood (formerly The Aladdin). I took those fuckers on with silverware swinging, but as luck would have it, the buffet won as I was not able to eat all of the food.

I learned that homeless people do not like it if you ask them for a dollar. Try it one day, you'll see.

There was good weed there, maybe, cuz that's what I was told. haha. Shouts out to Joe and Tanya.

here's a couple of pics:

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My wife and the neighbor

My wife and her friend (who is also our neighbor) go to a church group together. Apparently they were talking on the way home like good friends do, and my wife asked our neighbor, "so who did you list on your prayer card to pray for?". My neighbor didn't want to answer at first but after some gentle prodding she told my wife, "I listed the people in my family because I love them." Then she asked my wife, "Who did you list?". And my wife told her, "None of your fucking business."

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

my contradictions

Most people would assume I am a callous, hardened, heartless individual. And most people would be right most of the time. What they assume is that I am never caring, sympathetic, or emotional. In that they would be wrong.

I know hurt, frustration, guilt, and shame. I know to great extent what it's like to have your emotions run over and cause you to do things you'd regret later. I can't count the times that's happened, because it's happened quite a bit.

Although I despise society as a whole, I do love people on an individual basis. I have involved myself with some people to a fault, causing me to be blind in my loyalty and in turn being hurt and hating myself as much as I do people as a whole.

Recieving praise has come often in life for me. But so many times I want to tell people "I was just lucky. I don't know what the hell I'm doing, and I hope others don't figure it out."

Somehow I've had people look up to me as a role model, and though I may have given sound advice, I wish I had listened to it myself. I don't think anybody should come to me for answers to life's lessons -- I'm still learning myself.

I may seem cocky and sure about everything I do, but please understand that I know I'm just another cog in this wheel of life. I mess up, and I might not show it to everybody, but I struggle everyday with how I feel I'm doing with this life God's given me.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I'm glad I don't do this for a living

I'm really erratic at this thing. I've got nothing to really focus on right now. So I'll just write things that have popped up in my head.

Hey, gay dudes, don't tell an insurance agent how many times you've been rear ended. It's just gross.

Lady at Wal-mart with the shirt 8 sizes too small, please read my past post about weight limits on clothing. Your the reason I write shit like that.

Why does my dog eat dookie?

Oh my god, my oldest son stood up at the restaurant during lunch, looked right at us, said "Poop", then walked away.

Dear elderly people, for the safety of everybody, just get out from behind the wheel and turn in your license. Also, whatever that perfume or colone is -- it smells like death.

Clear Channel is definitely the death of good radio, it's the reason people go on shooting rampages in orphanages. You'd want to kill orphans too if you heard that same fucking song 915 times in one day, just to know it's gonna happen again tommorrow.

While watching Oprah with my wife I learned that your poop should curl around in the bowl, that lets you know you're healthy.

Wow, I talk about poop a lot.

My wife thinks asian chicks smell like noodles, while a co-worker of mine thinks they smell like corn chips. Racist bitches.

Tyra Banks had a woman with a vagina puppet on her show, yet I'd get sued if I had a giant penis on a string and claimed it was for educational purposes.

I tried to count backwards from 100 by sevens, and damn near had a seizure. Math is hard.

Paula Abdul needs to learn how to spit out a whole fucking sentence on American Idol.

I'm going to wear a cape and a mask to work in order to promote my "Member Service Champion" designation. My shirt will have a giant "C" on it, standing for champion. Then I will be fired.

Apparently singing at the top of your lungs in a public restroom is disturbing to others.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Father like Son, only a little bit

I only see a few similarities in fathers and sons. I know I carried on certain traits from my dad, and also my step-dad since I grew up with him just as much as with my biological father. I know I can have my dad's short temper and blow a fuse quick, I can laugh at really horrible things, and I can even watch wrestling (though not like when I was a kid). I know I also do things that my step-dad does, like watch real sports, drink beer, and talk to people relatively easy. But that's where it stops. I live my own life and only have time to improve on me, meaning I don't have time to try and emulate them. Maybe as a kid, but no longer. The shit that I think and say is as close to a polar opposite of ones parents as you could imagine. Now I know that my children do and say things that resemble remarks I might make, but I doubt if they'll be just like me. They already do their own thing, which drives me crazy, but that's cool.

Somebody told me, "listen to them, they say things just like you would". I told this somebody, "if they say one bad word, i'll beat the holy hell out of them, so no, they don't say things like I do."

Their reply to that was, "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree."

My response --- "Unless the tree is on top of a hill with a nine degree slope in the middle of an island."