Wednesday, May 21, 2008

oh todays parents

Hey fuckers, open your eyes. You bunch of ignorant blaming assholes. Your kids are stupid, accept it. Then after you accept it, fix it. I see so much in the lines of bullshit excuses from parents. All the time it's never their fuck-up kids fault. It's always everybody else's fault. Fuck that. When my kids fuck up they are held accountable for their actions, ass beatings across the board. It's not abuse, it's parenting. Here's a little bit of truth for the majority of todays parents..... if your kid is acting like an asshole in class, it's his problem, not the teachers or anybody elses. Hold your child accountable (there's that word again). I'm always seeing parents blaming the teacher for what their candidate for retro-active abortion has been doing. Listen to the teacher, hell, listen to all your kids teachers through out the years. Is this something new, or has junior been a fuck up his entire existence? What I have been a witness to would lean toward the latter. Stop defending your kid and start listening to the adults around him/her. When I hear news stories about teenagers getting the snot beat out of them by random adults, or when they get hit by cars in the street, I immediately think, "Hmmmm.. I wonder what stupid shit they were doing to warrant that?" Daily I feel the urge to snap an asshole teenager off of the street that he/she is standing in the middle of, and bitch slap them. Then tell them to get the fuck out of the middle of the street and quit playing like their bad ass, because somebody like me will come along and fuck up their world. Oh, but I'll get blamed for their stupidity and the fact that I wasn't gonna let that shit ride. Come to think about it, maybe I should just slap the shit out of their parents.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

A few wrecks I've beared witness to.....

So lately I've found myself witnessing some horrendous shit. Be it on my way to work, at schools, or just out shopping. Here are some pix I got with my piece of shit cell phone.

This one was snapped on AZ Loop 101, apparently this dude came across the median, hit the guard cable and flipped his truck. That sucks.

This beast was going through the check out line at my local Wal-Mart with her 5 kids and a shirt that was way too small for her big ass. I've discussed weight limits on clothing before.

This one was really cool. I'm pumping gas and this genius swerves off the road onto the sidewalk, hits a light pole, and causes his truck to flip right in front of these pumps. Really got my adrenaline going.

This is just kinda nasty. Don't wear spandex when you've got calves the size of tree trunks.