Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I say that's "gay"

I don't know at what point it happened, but apparently it is now considered fashionable to dress like a pansie. Now I know that gay people are renowned for a sense of style, but a sense of style and dressing like a bitch are two different things. Here's my example:

I went to get some food the other day for lunch, and standing in front of me in the line was a guy in his mid 20's.

He was wearing -

1. Skinny jeans (the type that are so tight, you can count the change in his pocket)

2. Penny loafer shoes with no socks

3. A bright pink, skin tight shirt, with black polk-a-dots all over it.

Now I just have to let it out and say it, I thought this dude was flaming gay. Everything about his persona yelled out, "I need cock in my mouth!". And then I was floored when his girlfriend asked him to make sure and get her a drink. What THE FUCK?!?!?!?!

I must be old now, because I don't understand how fashion has gotten this androginous.

When I started to tell my wife about this, she also had the same idea that I did, that he was gay. But then I told her about the girl and she suggested that he might of bought his ensemble at a gay-centric store. I asked if she actually knew the name of any and she said, "No, but I think we could make a killing if we opened one up." "We can call it..... PICKLES AND DICKS".

Friday, February 20, 2009

Sake and Beer and Squid and Shrimp and Octopus, and.............

I do love eating. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Thing is, my wife doesn't like some of the things I eat. Tough shit. Motherfucker, I likes my fish sauce with breakfast rice!!!! Oh well, she did go out to Kabuki with me though, and we had a good ol' time. $1.50 draft beer (Kirin) and $1 sake, together with spicy Udon noodle and sushi = stinky good fun. Here's a little of how it played out.

1. Octopus sushi. Extra delicious because of the suction cup suckers still attatched.

2. Udon noodle with squid, mussels, scallops, and shrimp.

3. Hot sake. It's warmed up so that it gets you fucked up quicker. Those wiley Japanese!!!

4. Kirin beer for a chaser, because let's be honest, sake tastes like shit.

5. After enough sake and beer, you start building monuments to your own drinking.

Monday, February 16, 2009

I'm a cowboy

I want to dress up like a cowboy, and carry a lasso into a little persons convention. Then I want to chase those little dudes down and rope them as if I was performing in a rodeo where all the animals are midgets.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Once again, I've got nothing

5 days into February and I've got absolutely nothing of interest to babble about. I got more ink done, but what the hell does that matter. I'm just tattooing myself out of future work. Come to think of it, most people get a theme going with their ink, I just have a hodge-podge of random shit. Fuck!!! I even blew that, I could of at least done a theme involving something like robot prostitutes or pics of dog assholes. I do want to fill in a few blanks with other shit though.

Oh wait, I do hate my neighbors, that's something. I called the cops on their dumb asses again for blocking my driveway. They do this shit probably twice a week, and we've been more than nice in asking them to move, but I'm tired of it. I was gonna flat drag their shit out of the way with a chain, but my wife and neighbor convinced me to call the local P.D. instead. Now everytime they do it, I'll just call and get their asses ticketed. I will wear down their stupidity by draining their checking account with traffic tickets. Fuck them.