Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My GTA San Andreas trip in 72 hours... and food

Day one - We leave Phoenix and pass through Los Angeles (Los Santos) to head north to San Jose. I take no pictures of my brief time in So. Cal because I don't give a shit about that part of my trip. In hindsite, I should of, to complete my track of this trip. Oh well. I show up to San Jose about 5 in the afternoon, stop at my grandfathers,

Grandfathers house in East San Jose

then drop my stuff off at my cousins house, and leave to pick up my brother in Santa Rosa. I have to pass through San Francisco (San Fierro) to get there.

Day 2 - The next morning I wake up to eat a healthy breakfast of Fish and French Toast. Don't knock it til you try it!

Went back to Grandpas house to visit, and we went to a seafood buffet after that. That night we went to the strip club and ran into my buddy Easy from the forum. I don't have strip club pics, basically because, have you ever tried to get a camera into a strip club??? Good luck with that.

Then we drank beer, and smoked medicine.

Day 3 - One more visit to Grandpa, say by to the cousins, and off to brunch at Iguanas. Dad and I tried to tackle the Burritozilla, but sadly, we failed.

Had to drive Daniel to Santa Rosa and drop him off, so one more pass through the City and over the Golden Gate.

These are Penis's on the side of a bus reminding you to get checked for venerial diseases
Then onto Las Vegas (Las Venturas), which is a fucking long drive. We ate at the MGM Grand Buffet.

And as we left, we saw these winners. Weight limits on clothing!!!! Especially in Vegas!

Then we came back to Phoenix, where I now sit sweating to death with my scrotum stuck to my leg.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

another accident witnessed.

Oh Arizona, how your drivers remain retarted and constantly increase your insurance rates. So here's a couple of pics I was able to snap when an SUV decided it could cut in front of a straight line truck with no problems. Ha ha! Fucking morons. Sorry they're grainy, I took them with my phone.

My dog previewed this post and gave his opinion. Fuck that dog.